Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport 2023

This year  the NSPCC reached out to parents, focussing on 3 areas.

  • getting involved
  • being supporting
  • keeping children safe

They released a new video ‘My No. 1 Fan’, which shows real families talking about their involvement in sport and activity and discuss the positive and negative impact of parental involvement.

They encouraged parents and carers to use our tools which are designed to help them to play an active and supporting role in their child’s participation.

If you’re a parent or carer, you can find all of this information on the NSPCC in Sport  parents pages. 

Key resources for parents
We have a range of new and updated resources which aimed to fill the gaps in parents’ knowledge. These resources included:

fact-sheet to help parents and carers negotiate the post-game conversation
fact-sheet giving parents and carers ideas on how to get more involved in their child’s sports club or activity
an animation about the new keeping your child safe in sport campaign
an animation for parents on what abuse might look like in sport and how to get help
a free, short, interactive e-learning course for parents on how to keep children safe

Keep an eye out for the new resources coming throughout the year as the campaign continues! 

Getting involved
Countless organisations, clubs, coaches, volunteers, partners and parents got involved in our 2023 focus week on social media and in the press. Information about Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport and access to our resources were shared with thousands of NSPCC supporters before and during the week too. 

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Further information
Keeping children safe – further guidance from the NSPCC

Working with parents
If you’re a sports club or coach looking for guidance on working with and involving parents, take a look at our parents in sport pages