The School Day

The Barlow Hall School Day

School begins at 9am promptly.

School ends at 3pm for the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and at 3.05pm for Key Stage 2.

Children in years 1 to 6 will be brought out onto the playground.

Staff are usually on the playground at the end of the school day.

Morning routines include:

  • Breakfast Club opens at 8 am and children arriving in school prior to the school gates opening should go to Breakfast club.
  • Children in Year 2 or younger must be brought into school by an adult and must not be left in school unsupervised.
  • School gates are kept locked until 8:45 am
  • Children do not enter the school prior to 8:45 am unless authorised to do so. Children undertaking Booster classes may come into school prior to the start of Boosters at 8 am.
  • Parents of Nursery and Reception age children should take their children into school from 8:50 when the doors open. Parents are encouraged to undertake an activity with their children.
  • Teachers of children in KS1 and KS2 will be in the playground by 8:55 am in order to collect their classes from their lines and take them into school.
  • School gates are locked at 9:05 am and any child arriving after this time will have their name entered into the Late Book which will act as an additional register in the case of fire. Those children who are late will then be issued with a late pass so that class teachers are aware that the child’s name has been entered into the register. Any child arriving in class without a Late Pass will be sent to the office to collect a card and to ensure that their name is in the Late Register.
  • Late Nursery and Reception children will be taken into class by Sharon Drinkwater to avoid disruption to other children in their class. Children in KS1 and 2 can walk to their classrooms by themselves.
  • Registers are to be inputted onto the SIMS system by class teachers at 9:10 am. Sharon Drinkwater will update the registers at 9:30 am and contact the parents of any children who are absent to ascertain the reason for their absence. Sharon Drinkwater will also follow up any unauthorised absences.


Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception)
Session 1 9:00am -11:45am
Lunch  11.45am - 1.15pm
Session 2 1:15pm - 3:00pm


Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2)
Session 1 9:00am - 10:25am
Break 10:25am - 10:40am
Session 1 10:40am - 12:00pm
Lunch 12:00pm - 1:10pm
Session 2 1:10pm - 3:00pm


Year 3 and 4
Session 1 9:00am - 10:25am
Break 10:25am - 10:40am
Session 1 10:40am - 12:00pm
Lunch 12:00pm - 12:55pm
Session 2 12:55pm - 3:05pm


Years 5 and 6
Session 1 9:00am - 10:45am
Break 10:45am - 11:00am
Session 1 11:00am - 12:20pm
Lunch 12:20pm - 1:15pm
Session 2 1:15pm - 3:05pm


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