Regular and punctual attendance is vital to good learning and is, therefore, given very high priority at Barlow Hall. A positive attitude toward punctuality is an invaluable life skill and a large part of a positive attitude towards learning. Although we are sympathetic to individual family circumstances, we must also be conscious of the impact lateness and absences have on your child’s ability to realise their potential. Our minimum expectation for attendance is 96%. Sharon Drinkwater our Parent Support Advisor manages day to day attendance and punctuality.

Please note that:

  • School holidays in term time, in line with government ruling, are very unlikely to be authorised.
  • It is important that parents/carers telephone to inform school if their child is going to be absent informing us of a reason.
  • Our Parent Support Advisor will be making home phone calls and tracking all absences.
  • Parents/Carers will be contacted directly if attendance or punctuality are an area of concern.
  • Parents will need to provide valid reasons for an absence to be authorised. Birthdays, buying new shoes and haircuts will not be accepted as valid reasons for absence. Such absences will be unauthorised.