Parents & Carers

We love working with parents, and we believe that our children really thrive when the school and families work together.  Our parents are always welcome at our school, and as we improve what we do, we ask them what will make the biggest difference.  Our school offers families and the community a range of services such as before and afterschool clubs.

We are dedicated to working with families to develop our children’s health and characters, so that they develop the interpersonal skills, caring attitudes and relationships, creativity, resilience, and reliability (including punctuality and attendance) that will prepare them for a fulfilling life.

Communicating with our families and working in true partnership is vitally important. It is why we undertake the LPPA (Leading Parent Partnership Award) award to analyse how we are doing and what we need to improve on. We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming school but we always know that we can improve.

We survey our parents annually on a range of school improvement issues. We send out an annual survey at the end of the year and publish the results (see below). At other times through the year we will survey parents as part of our thematic days, for example on our annual Anti-Bullying day or history day. Need to add survey results and quotes from parents.

Our staff hold coffee mornings, an informal opportunity for staff and parents to discuss our improvement initiatives.

School communicates with parents using our website, a weekly newsletter and texts. We work hard to be open and responsive to parents and all staff are on the playground at the start and at the end of the day. Working parents can communicate via individual e-mail on request.

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