Visions & Values

Link Learning Trust

Barlow Hall Primary School is one of the two founding schools of the LINK Learning Trust,(LLT), which, along with Brookburn Primary School in Chorlton, joined together to form a  Multi Academy Trust (MAT)  which promotes a set of values and a vision for all of its children which we hope will enhance and inspire the lives of not only the children who attend our school but their families and the wider community.

We would like all our children, irrespective of background or special need, to be prepared for success in their future lives.

We will achieve this by nurturing and developing their achievement, their experiences and their skills and we will provide the skills and knowledge needed to promote growth mindsets and build resilience in our children

“We would like all our children, irrespective of background or special need, to be prepared for success in their future lives.”

Our values, mission and goals

Our vision

  • Learning together
  • Inspiring each other
  • Nurturing and valuing
  • Knowledge that builds futures

Our mission

We provide an inspirational experience that develops imaginative learners who take ownership of their learning, are proud of their achievements, and are prepared for a life in modern Britain.

Our goals

Parents will want their children to be educated at one of our MAT schools because we:

  • Develop good citizens
  • Ignite learning and promote excellent teaching
  • Grow exceptional leaders
  • Focus on performance
  • Provide public value

Our Values

Our values are embedded through every layer of governance and drive everything we do.

  • Academic Excellence, ensuring that any child, no matter what their background or individual needs are as successful as they can be.
  • Empowering learning skills, we develop personal and social behaviours to support children through their primary years and to support effective life-long skills so they are self managers, resourceful thinkers, independent enquirers, team workers, reflective learners and effective participators.
  • Respect, this aligns with our Rights Respecting curriculum and underpins everything we do.
  • Physical well-being, a curriculum and mindset to supports children’s health, well-being and sets lifetime habits.
  • Global citizenship, teaching our children about the world and their important place within it. Developing children’s awareness of their role and the positive impact they can have.
  • Mental well-being and mindset, developing happy, secure and confident children who work with resilience and determination.
  • Creativity and the arts, to support children to process complex emotions to support increased self-awareness, enjoyment, imagination and understanding.