Sports Council

The Barlow Hall Sports Council consists of a group of children representing each year group,  who applied to be on our Sports Council and were elected by their peers.

The aim of the Sports Council is to raise the profile of sports, both inside and outside school, for all children. They meet twice a month which provides opportunities to discuss and organise sport at all levels.

In order for the Sports Council to work effectively it has been split into three sections: Head team, Media team and Research team.

The Head team consists of a Chair, Vice-chair and Secretary. The roles and responsibilities of the head team are to ensure that meetings are organised, as well Agendas agreed and minutes of meetings written up.

The Media team role involves supporting all school competitions. During the competition, pupils will support their peers with the activities undertaken, as well as posting photos and writing reports which can be seen on our school website.

The Research team includes investigating any sports that pupils at the school may be interested in taking part in. From this research, the team will promote sports through presentations in assembly and create contacts with external sporting groups. New kits and equipment will be presented to the Head Team.