LKS2 RSE Lesson Information


Please see the downloads to the right of this section for the resources we will use in our LKS2 RSE lessons.


There are three separate lessons per year group, these lessons will be taught during the summer term. 

As part of our on-going consultation we will communicate with you every year, in April, about the RSE lessons being taught in your child’s class. The lessons will take place between May and July.

In March and April this year, we will consult with parents and carers about our new RSE curriculum offer. 


Responding to parent questions and concerns


Parents and carers were asked to respond to our parent survey and address any questions and queries to our email address:   Questions had to be submitted by 29th March and requests to attend the Virtual Presentation made by 19th April, after which the email address would be closed down.

Parents do have the right to withdraw from some, or all of these lessons, however, as a school we firmly believe that the resources we use, the skills of the teaching staff as well as support from our school nurse will ensure that the education we offer is age appropriate, sensitively presented and supports our children’s knowledge and understanding.


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