Anti-Bullying Award

Barlow Hall Primary School has been awarded 'The Big Award for Excellence in Challenging Bullying' from The Bullying Intervention Group.

Well done to our children, families, community and staff, especially Miss Williams who has co-ordinated the work. As part of the evidence collection an  external assessor spoke to children, selected at random, about our schools approach to anti-bullying. This is a quote from his report: 'All of the pupils also agree that bullying is rare; ‘technically there is no bullying but mean words can be used’.  Pupils were emphatic that there is no racist name-calling and bullying is always dealt with in school.'

Through the parental questionnaire the overwhelming majority of parents, 97%, agree that our school deals with any cases of bullying. One parent was unsure whether we deal with bullying effectively and 2 parents felt that we do not deal with bullying,

I hope the achievement of the award can give confidence that our school is committed to anti-bullying work. 

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