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See below for ideas for some great home learning and fun activity ideas


NSPCC Online Safety Advice Please click 


The Ultimate Parent Guide to Protecting your child on the internet


Tip: for some children a visual timetable is a very good way of helping them to see what is happening today.

 An aid for children who like or need routine or to know what is happening now and next. Make pictures for each of the activities you will undertake during the week, this can start with getting up, breakfast, registering with their teacher for example, then stick the pictures for the day's activities on your fridge or wall so your child can visually see what is happening today. Once they have completed an activity they can take the picture off the fridge and put it in the tub.

You can set up for the next day before going to bed or set up after breakfast ready for the day.


Please find below links to resources which may help your child with their learning or just to have some fun at home and stave off the boredom


Manchester City Home Activities provided as part of our City In the Community sessions



Save the Children Covid-19 Activity pack 2

Please click here to access



Downloadable activity pack from the British Library

Please click here


If you have pupils that are struggling with returning to school, or having to remain at home some of the below information and resources might be useful: 

·   5 steps to mental wellbeing (NHS) 

·   Believe Perform - Source of performance psychology, well-being and mental health content for the sport community. 

·   NSPCC - Children’s mental health 

·   DEAL - Developing Emotional Awareness and Listening – Samaritans. Free resource for teachers and other educational professionals designed to help develop resilience in young people. 



The British Library - activities to do at home



Trafford Watersports

Click here to book or find out more



Children's & Families Newsletter

Manchester City Council Libraries are really pleased to bring you our third weekly bulletin and roundup of all the best sites and activities to keep you and your family busy at home. Remember that Manchester Libraries has a great online offer of books and magazines for the whole family too. This week we're highlighting our very own storytimes, brought to you by Paula from our fantastic library team. Why not join in an arts or Lego challenge, go bear spotting or meet some top authors and illustrators with us. Read on!


Please click here to access the Manchester Libraries Blog



Click here for ideas, resources and advice from digital safety experts Parentzone


Free kits to support children with sensory needs from the Variety Charity. Please Click here to find out more


General/Multiple subject areas

There are SO many things to see and do. Happy adventures!

Click here for lots of amazing resources of your child to use


CBeebies & CBBC

Jam packed with activities, radio, videos etc.  Use CBeebies for younger children and CBBC for the slightly older ones




BBC Bitesize

Another great resource for Key Stages 1 and 2, covering multiple subjects.





Twinkl is a great website that is full of fabulous resources for all subjects.  It covers EYFS (Reception and Nursery) as well as Key Stage 1 (year 1 & 2) and Key Stage 2 (years 3-6) for a huge range of subjects.  Although it’s normally a paid subscription site, Twinkl have very kindly agreed to make resources free for school and parents in the event of school closures.



Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets is another great online tool with a huge bank of resources.  Again, like Twinkl, they have said they are busy putting together a bank of resources that will available for free in the event of schools closing.  It covers EYFS (Reception and Nursery) as well as Key Stage 1 (year 1 & 2) and Key Stage 2 (years 3-6).



Five Minute Mum

Simple, easy, 5-minute games for children.  Primarily aimed at those 1-5 years old, but I’m sure slightly older children will enjoy them too!



YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is an app (rather than online like YouTube) that can be downloaded for free.  It has far better parental controls that YouTube and so we would recommend its download. Once on, you can search for lots of games and activities, e.g. children’s yoga and mindfulness for when you all need a bit of calm (try Cosmic Kids), top 10 home science experiments, Dance etc


The Kids Should See This

Lots of fun videos for curious minds, covering a huge range of topics



Ted Ed

Lots of engaging educational videos for free



National Geographic Kids

Lots of activities and quizzes for children



DK Find Out

Lots of activities and quizzes to try



Virtual Museums

If you’re stuck at home, why not try the link below for virtual tours of 12 different museums.



Phonics Play  This website is free to use. 

To access the resources all you need to do is to log on using the following details                    

Username: march20                      Password: home              



Chatta Club Free daily activities to support learning at home. 

Chatta Club provides activities for children every day which support progress in language, literacy, memory and wider learning.



Maths & Science

Numbots and Times Tables Rockstars

These are 2 brilliant maths games for children, which parents have been emailed about.  All children received logins and we have recently re-issued them (they are likely to be stuck in their diaries).

Numbots builds on early maths skills such as number bonds, simple additions etc.  It is recommended for children in Reception – Year 2, although others may still enjoy it.  


Times Tables Rockstars helps children to learn their multiplication and corresponding division facts.  It is recommended from Year 2 upwards, but I know some of our Reception and Year 1 children are enjoying it too.

Children’s logins will allow them to access both sites and you can also download the apps for free.  You will also need our school postcode which is M21 7JG





NRich is a brilliant maths website that has activities from EYFS through to Key Stage 1 & 2. Within sections, they have recommended ages for each activity.



EYFS: https://nrich.maths.org/13371

Key Stage 1 and 2:  https://nrich.maths.org/9084


The White Rose

Years 1-3 are currently following the mastery approach in maths and teachers use materials from The White Rose to support their planning.  The White Rose team are busy putting together some free resources, including video tutorials for children and parents to use in the event of school closures.  These will still be useful from EYFS right through to Year 6.



Prodigy Maths

This is American and so uses their school grading system (which works a year behind, so pre-Kindergarten is UK Reception, Kindergarten is UK Year 1, grade 1 is Year 2 etc)




The National Centre for Excellence in Maths is used a lot by teachers.   These ideas for use around the Numberblocks episodes may be of use to parents of those children in our Early Years classes.




There are lots of activities for maths on this site.  It is mostly aimed at Key Stage 2 and you can create questions, play games and adjust the difficulty levels.





A brilliant website to practice computing skills. Children can make games or a simple animation. There are plenty of tutorials if your child hasn’t used Scratch before or to improve and learn new computing skills.




This is a free coding website.  It’s a digital enterprise award scheme that you can complete online





A site to learn computer programming skills – fun and free



Khan Academy

Especially good for maths and computing for all ages but other subjects at Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system but it's mostly common materials



Reading and Writing 

Teach your Monster to Read

This is another website that is free to sign up to and has things such as animated stories and games.



Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl have free E-Books for ages 3-11 yrs.




A lovely resource that gives a gorgeous image, a story starter and then lots of ideas to do with it.  Seems to be free.



Hungry little minds  Simple, fun activities for under 5's  



Collins Big Cat

How to access free Collins Big Cat



Access 330+ free KS1 ebooks from our primary reading programme

Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter: 

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20! 

and click Login. 


Arts and Crafts

Red Ted Art

Lots of fun and simple (!) activities to keep boredom away!


We were particularly impressed with the 79 ways to use a toilet roll!




All kinds of free making ideas


Modern Foreign Languages


This can be downloaded as an app or web based and is a great way to learn a foreign language for free


Keeping Active

Dance Mat Typing

This is a great way for children to learn to touch type – a really useful skill to have.




Activities to do outdoors

Nature Detectives




Go Noodle have just launched a new, free app and is a great way to get children moving with dance videos.


Available for Android and iOS 


Some fun things




Scouts the Great Indoors       












Have a closer look