'Why should we be grateful to the Ancient Greeks?

Ancient Greeks

Having studied the key question 'Why should we be grateful to the Ancient Greeks?' this half-term, UKS2 have discovered that there are many things we need to thank them for!!

The topic began with a WOW afternoon whereby, having learnt that the Olympic Games originated in Ancient Greece, the children got to participate in their own mini Olympics! They enjoyed events including: long jump, discus, javelin, 192m run and a weighted tyre run! Gold, silver and bronze places were announced for each event in a closing ceremony to end the afternoon.

During subsequent sessions, the children have discovered and experienced a number of other Ancient Greek legacies such as: cooking Greek food, making Greek pottery, investigating Pythagoras' theorem, writing a Greek myth as a playscript and discussing what it is like to live in a democratic country.

The Ancient Greeks have proved to be a really interesting (and fun!) question to study throughout the phase.

Article Posted: February 7, 2019

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