A week of sport at Barlow Hall

Barlow Hall pupils and staff have enjoyed an amazing amount of sporting activities during this week's 'Sport's Week' in school which had a decidedly olymic theme at times. We were priviledged to start our week with a visit by the paralympic torch which nt only formed the focal point for Barlow Hall's own Olympic torch relay, but also inspired year s 5 and 6 to take park in a  number of sporting events whilst losing the use of limbs or sight. This provided the children with a real insight into the strength and perseverance many of the paralympic athletes must show in able to be able to compete at such a high level.

Throughout ther week pupils also had the opportunity to take part in lots of sporting activities every day,  some of the sports were new to the children and some they had done before. The sports on offer included tennis, pound fit, yoga, handball, Tae Quando and cricket. A big thank you to Mr Stoneman, Ms Roberts, Ms Roche and the coaches who have offered these opportunities to the children. abd a very  thank you to Mrs Arrevillagas, who organised the activities all this week including a great Olympic themed sports day  and to all the staff who helped to set everything up.

The whole school enjoyed our Olympic-themed Sports Day on Thursday where they were split into different countries of the world and took part in a range of Olympic sports. The children had written their own Olympic oaths and those written by the winning pupils: Amelia in KS1 and Sarah in KS2, were read out before the events. Children showed great spirit, enthusiasm and resilience during the events, especially the KS2 children who wouldn't let a bit of rain dampen the events and insisted on carrying on until all activities had been completed. Well done to everyone and thank you to all the parents who supported the events as always.

Paralympic Torch

Well done to the inspiring children that were nominated to carry the real Paralympic torch around our school on Tuesday. The procession was amazing and really showed that we also believe in simile values at Barlowhall: inspiration, equality, determination and courage.

Article Posted: July 10, 2016

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