Walk to School Week 17-21st May 2021

Next week is walk to school week, Please join us if you can.

The 5-day challenge takes place from the 17th to the 21st of May and is designed to help children reach their minimum 60 minutes of exercise per day. 

What are the benefits of Walk to School Week?

Being active and getting some exercise in the morning before arriving at school will help set kids up for a positive day; improving focus and concentration, and instilling a sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

Walk to School Week is also designed to extend beyond the week itself, by encouraging healthy habits for life with a focus on exercise, diet and wellbeing.

There are many health benefits to walking:


Exercise helps develop strong bones and increase muscle strength. It also tones the whole body.
Walking gets the heart pumping, which can help improve cognitive function for lessons throughout the school day.
Walking helps to improve mood. Getting outdoors and making the most of natural daylight makes for a positive start to the day.
When walking to school, children can relax and let off steam before they head into the classroom to learn.


Walking to school can help children to feel more independent, confident and in control of themselves too. They'll learn the route from home to school, which can boost their navigation skills, and they'll learn more about road safety. Once children are old enough to walk to school by themselves, they'll already have the confidence and the knowledge that they need to get there safely (and in time for their first lesson!). 

Another great benefit of Walk to School Week is that it reduces the morning traffic. Instead of driving to school in the car and contributing to congestion, carbon emissions, and pollution, you can bypass this route completely by walking. In the long run, we'll all have cleaner air if there are fewer cars on the road. You can do your part by getting involved with Walk to School Week and leaving your car at home. You'll help to reduce carbon emissions and enjoy all the benefits of walking at the same time.

Article Posted: May 14, 2021

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