Volunteering opportunities at Barlow Hall

Students of all levels and volunteers have plenty of opportunites to learn more about school life and experience what it is like to work in a school here at Barlow Hall. From School's Direct Trainee Teachers who come to us via the Manchester Teaching School alliance of which we are a part, to Trainee Teaching Assistants, parent volunteers, Year 10 work experience students and students hoping to become Nursery Nurses, all are given a warm welcome in school and given the opportunities to further their own education and all are appreciated by staff and children alike. One of the most inspiring volunteer projects in school, however, is that of Intergen. 

Intergen Volunteers are local people, usually over the age of 50, who spend a morning or afternoon a week in school joining in the work of a class, getting to know the children, sharing their experience and friendship and learning what happens in school nowadays.   Some of the volunteers share specific skills – such as cooking, gardening, sport activities – others listen to children read, talk with them about their lives, and generally enjoy each other's company.   Many volunteers have said they now understand fractions, metric and email since working alongside the children!

This intergenerational approach to volunteering helps cross the generational divide and helps to promote greater understanding between young and old(er), and weekly visits by people like Sue, pictured with the Barlow Hall chicks, are looked forward to with great anticipation by many of the children,

If you think you might know someone who might make a good volunteer suggest they contact  Estelle on 0161 264 0089 or estelle.longmore@intergen.org.uk.








Article Posted: July 15, 2015

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