Swimfun session for the end of the season!

To celebrate the last week of swimming before Christmas the children take part in fun swimming sessions. Last week, the last week of swimming this term, the children were split into two teams and each team was tasked to make a Christmas tree using swimming floats.

The children raced to swim the full length of the 25m pool, picking up one float at a time whic they then used to build their own decorated tree. Great fun was had by all and great teamwork saw the task successfully completed!

Well done everyone.

Next Term Ms Fielden's 4KF class and Mrs Arrivellagas' 3NA class will be taking part in our swimming sessions each Friday and the children will need to bring in their swimming costumes, towels and hats for anyone with longer hair.

Mrs Kay's class will be doing Forest school for the first half-term back.

Article Posted: December 17, 2020

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