Reception Class Reading Workshop

Reception class parents were invited into school to observe a Guided Reading lesson which took place behind our teaching screen in the Reading Centre. Parents had the opportunity see the strategies staff use to enhance children's lessons and draw the most out of the children. The sessions have a very positive impact on the children's reading skills and it was a great opportunity for parents to witness this firsthand.

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the workshop and thank you for responding to our parent voice feedback survey at the end of the session.

Comments from parents included:

The children looked very comfortable and I learnt about how I can help at home. The training was brilliant! I have learned so much about Concepts of Print.
I understand how much I need to do with language with my child.
I found it interesting that the teacher waits for the child to read and does not do it for him. I will wait too.
I found the strategies useful.
I liked the questions to check comprehension and using windows to support chunking the words.
Very helpful pointers to help my teaching techniques at home.
I will use ‘make the first sound with your mouth’
Very helpful showing me how to make reading fun
Loved how the kids were asked questions
Always find these reading meetings very useful.
Now I know what my daughter is talking about at home!


Article Posted: October 18, 2018

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