Reception Class Pet Topic

Barlow Hall had a very animaly feel to it last week when Reception class started their new class topic learning more about Pets.

On Tuesday we were visited by a nurse from the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals and children in Early Years and KS1 had an opportunity to attend a very informative assembly led by the nurse which explained more about the PDSA and her role within it. Children in Nursery and Reception then took part  in workshops with the nurser and learned more about how to care for their pets. 

There was also a fundraising opportunity which was opened to the whole school and allowed them to purchase PDSA merchandise.

On the following day Barlow Hall received a visit from a very cute Labrador/Golden Retriever cross puppy who is currently undergoing it's Guide Dog Training. The dog behaved very well and soon had staff and children completely besotted with it as they learned more about it's training and future role. As well as supporting topic learning the guide dog theme also allowe children to consider differences and so supported the PSHCE aspect of our curriculum.

Article Posted: November 14, 2016

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