Reading Superstars Mersey Bank Library Visits

Staff at Barlow Hall constantly promote reading, both in and out of school, as much as possible and at the moment we have a number of initiatives in place to try and encourage children to read more.

Mrs Leah has set up a Reading Superstars area containing lots of fantastic photographs of children reading at home, and in unusual places. The area was originally set aside for pictures of year 3 and 4 children but this has now been expanded as more children have begun sending pictures in of themselves reading our of school. We also have the Reading Miles Challenge running in school at the moment and this encourages children to read as many books as they can.

UKS2 teachers have also been encouraging pupils to read more and to look for exciting book that they may not have had access to before by visiting our local library on Mersey Bank.Year five followed in the footsteps of our Reception Class who visited the library earlier this year. Any children who were not already library members had the opportunity to enroll in the library and collect their library new library cards. They were then able to have a good look around the library and select some books to take home. Year 6 will also be visiting the library next Monday after they have finished their SATs Tests

Please can we just remind year 5 children to make sure you that they return the books they selected to the library by the date stamped in the books, (3 weeks from the day they were taken out) so they don't become overdue. and whilst you are there take the opportunity to pick up a new book to increase your reading miles for the year 5 reading miles challenge! 

Article Posted: May 10, 2016

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