Reading Bus for Barlow Hall

We are very happy to announce that we have been successful in our application for a lottery grant to enable us to once more have a school library.

As a Teaching School that helps other schools improve their reading attainment we have long felt that it was important for school to have a library for the children to sit and read in and to hopefully promote a life-long love of reading. Unfortunately, we have not had the space for a library for some time but, thanks to the amazing lottery grant of £10,000 we will be buying and refitting a single decker bus as a school library and siting it within the school grounds.

Over the years we have raised significant amounts of money for charities and good causes but for the rest of this academic year we will be focusing our fundraising efforts and creating something wonderful for our own children.

Here you can see some example of buses used by other schools for the same purpose, and whilst we may be not be able to achieve some of those examples which have cost up to £30,000, we do hope that, with the aid of parents helping us to fundraise, we can make the Barlow hall Reading Bus a haven for our children to read in.

If anyone has any good ideas for fundraising please let us know by emailing or speak to Ms Kennedy.

Article Posted: December 1, 2016

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