Nursery children visit the Manchester Museum


Our Nursery children took part in two wonderful visits to the Manchester Museum last week, with Blue group going on Thursday ad Red Group following them on Friday.

Starting their trips with a nice stroll to Princess Parkway on beautiful balmy days, the children then had the opportunity of a bus ride together on a Stagecoach bus which took them to the Museum where they had the opportunity to hear all about the long walk taken by Maherrajah the Elephant from Edinburgh Zoo to Belle Vue Zoo in 1871.r, Maharajah can be be found at the top of the steps on the first Floor journey from Edinburgh Zoo close to the very beautiful and elegant Tigon, 

Next the children sang their favourite song, 'Walking through the Jungle, complete with actions, before setting off to explore the cases of animals who have lived int he museum since Victorian times. Armed with torches our intrepid explorers peered into all of the cases and saw a whole host of animals they had not know existed before their trip and heard the story of the Tiger who came to tea whilst a very large tiger looked down on them. Then it was up to look at fossils and the living world including frogs, and snakes an a variety of reptiles. After lunch the children visited Stan, the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex and a variety of other dinosaurs and then finished off their trip listening to the very exciting story of the dog who could dig before catching the bus back to school.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their trips and behaved fanstastically throughout the day. Well done children we are very proud of you.




Article Posted: June 10, 2018

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