The Naughty Bus visits Barlow Hall

As part of the Reception Class 'Naughty Bus' topic, the children boarded a real life Naughty Bus, courtesy of Stagecoach.

It was a brand new bus that cost half a million pounds!

The children and staff sat upstairs on the bus and drew what we could see of our lovely school environment from our window. We also sat downstairs... in the driver's seat!  We learnt how to turn on the windscreen wipers and turn on the headlights.

It was really interesting to hear Martin our bus driver talk about how the bus works and explain where the engine was.

At the end Martin and the company he works for, Stagecoach, very kindly gave out pens to help us with our writing back in school.

Thankyou Stagecoach!

Article Posted: October 9, 2019

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