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For many young carers the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is particularly worrying and difficult.

They may worry about:

Shielding their loved ones ♡ .

Help is available if you needed it!

Government Young Carer Covid-19 Guidance

This guidance is for young carers and young adult carers . It will also be helpful for those who provide services to support young people who provide care (also referred to as young carers or young adult carers).

The information and advice provided is designed to help young carers understand the changes they need to make and signposts the help available during the Covid-19 outbreak. The guidance is also available in easy read format and can be found at


 Law on wearing face coverings 

Face coverings in England are a legal requirement for people over the age of 11 years when they are on public transport or visiting shops.  Some people might not be able to wear a face covering for a genuine reason; you can find guidance on face coverings at

A face covering is something which safely covers the nose and mouth. You can buy face coverings, or use a scarf, bandana, religious garment or hand-made cloth covering - as long as these fit round the side of the face. 

There is guidance on how to make your own face covering at  We would love to see some of your creations - you can post a picture to us via our Twitter page @MCRYoungCarers  


My Covid -19 Plan

Having a plan and knowing there is help available can reduce anxiety about the unknown. With this in mind, and in partnership with Skills for Life, we have developed the My Covid-19 Plan- a resource to support young carers to look after their wellbeing and to have an plan with their parents and carers, for when things might not be going so well.  

My Covid- 19 Plan has been created in response to the changing restrictions, we appreciate that it may not be perfect, and we would very much welcome your feedback and suggestions for future improvements. We will of course take our lead from our amazing young carers and are most interested in what they think we should include or change.

For any suggestions or feedback please email


With so much information out there, looking for advice and support can feel overwhelming!  To help our young carers and the professionals supporting them, we have pulled together some Covid-19 help & support - this includes information and guides which we hope you will find useful.

Young Carers Health & Wellbeing 

[5 ways Wellbeing]

We know that for many young carers the Covid-19 pandemic has been particularly worrying and for some their caring role might have increased; or they may have spent many weeks indoors shielding a loved one.  So it is understandable if you, or a young carer you know, are feeling a little worried or anxious about the future and what the new restrictions might mean for you and your family.

We have pulled together some resources that we hope you will find useful in looking to the future and looking after your emotional well-being. 


Young Carers Kooth  is an amazing website for Young Carers to use if you need any help with your mental health or someone to talk to. You are able to speak with counsellors that will help you & it's a great way for you to speak about any issues regarding mental health . 

“I really like how you can share your problems anonymously and have help from others. It makes me feel accepted and that people will not judge me.” (A young person)

You can access Kooth at



Free & friendly online support for Young People


42nd Street  run a weekly drop-in where you can speak to a worker without arranging an appointment and ask anything about support you may need.

You can read more about this support and what is counselling and how counselling works best


Mind Children and Young People’s Service.

The Mind service has been designed with young people to help 15 to 25-year-olds who are struggling.  This could be with money, housing, confidence or even if you are feeling lonely or feeling like you can’t  cope.

This includes helping to solve practical problems; providing support to access new activities or volunteering opportunities to learn new skills; and having someone to talk to.  Mind also run a weekly virtual well-being Cafe. You can get in touch with Mind on 0161 221 3054, email or visit their website at


 A Guide to Self- Care .

Self care is about actively taking care of yourself. This allows you to give yourself a break and focus on your health, needs and wants. It is, most importantly, not selfish.

Being a human is tough. We live in a society full of pressures whether they be from school, family, friends or the media. Sometimes, these pressures can become overwhelming and we end up prioritising them over our own physical and mental health.

Our friends at The Mix have created this Guide to Self-Care its jam packed with ideas about taking care of you!


Head Space

Headspace is a creative journal designed by The Horsfall  interns to help young people adapt to going back to school or college after lockdown. 

A place to be yourself. This book is designed for you to explore your creativity, to try new things and maybe even discover something new about yourself.

There is no pressure to create perfect or finished pieces of work. Treat it as a place to free your mind.

It includes fun, creative activities to help express how you are feeling right now. Download the journal here!



New for autumn 2020 - Creative Care Kits for young people, 2nd edition.

The second edition Creative Care Kit for young people builds on the first version, but with a more of a focus on the kinds of things young people can do to get their voices heard, make changes for the better in their communities, and to find and act on their own passions.

The kit is designed for 13-20-year-olds, particularly those who face challenges accessing online resources and who need extra support at the moment and features a number of young people including our Manchester Young Adult Carer - Caitlin .

You can download a PDF of the Care Kit Here, or if you would like printed copies please email

Support Services for Young Carers



We are delighted to share with you a new and exciting project delivered by our partners at Gaddum - the Shine Young Carers Project!

Shine is a support project for young carers aged 5-16 years and offers one to one support and a range of activities throughout the year. 

For more information and the referral criteria visit HSM


Siblings & Young Carers 

Sense Connect has a new online project aimed at supporting the wellbeing of young people with caring responsibilities. It includes group and one to one sessions where young people can share their experiences and interests with fellow siblings or young carers. It’s suitable for young people aged 5-18 who have a sibling or parent with complex communication needs

Siblings and Young Carers is a new online project aimed at supporting the wellbeing of young people with caring responsibilities. The project includes both age appropriate group sessions and one to one peer sessions where young people can share their experiences and interests with a fellow sibling or young carer. The Siblings and Young Carers project is suitable for young people aged 5-18 who have a sibling or parent with complex communication needs.

Visit the Sense Connect referral page HERE


Manchester Carers Centre 

Manchester Carers Centre run a Young Adult Carers service for young people in Manchester aged 16 to 25 years who have caring responsibilities for a family member who may have a disability, physical or mental health condition or addiction.

The service offers one to one mentoring sessions and social and respite group opportunities. The service aims to support young adult carers to ensure they are caring safely and are supported; promote their health and well-being; and help them to think about their future and access education, employment and training opportunities. All activity during Covid-19 is via telephone or online; services will resume face to face contact when it is safe to do so. 

To refer a young adult carer, or if you are an young adult carer,  please contact the service on 0161 272 7270 or email 

To find more information about the support on offer visit their website 


Young Carers
Web Pages

If you know a young carer, or are a young carer, and want to know what support is available or ideas of things to do during Covid-19 and beyond, then visit our web pages on Help & Support Manchester (HSM).

The pages contain lots of activities you can get involved in, as well as information about support available to you at school and in the community and information about your right to support.


Manchester Youth Zone Sessions for Young Carers!

Here at the Youth Zone we know that for young carers, tighter restrictions can be especially hard. We want young carers to know that they are not alone and have our support if they need it.   

We are looking to support a group of young carers during evening sessions!

We will be engaging them in a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, pool, table tennis and video games.

We would also like to engage in discussion to support these young people through a difficult period and give them a much needed escape from the pressures of home and school. 


Please contact Ben Herriman (MYZ young carers champion) for more information




Opportunities for Young Carers 


Coming Soon -Young Carers Newsletter! 

 We are so excited to announce our latest project, a monthly newsletter produced by Manchester young carers for other young carers!

The newsletter will also be of interest to anyone who works or has an interest in the daily life of these amazing young people.

Each month we will invite a young carer school or community group to work with Kelly, the Young Carers Coordinator here in Manchester, to produce content young carers want to see!

Though we can’t wait to get started,we first need your help - our newsletter needs a name! We would love to hear ideas from your young carers.  

Please share their suggestions with Kelly Hockaday via email for no later than Friday the 4th of December.

Our first newsletter will be produced by young carers at Manchester Communication Academy, if your school or community group would like to get involved and host in future months, please email .


 42nd Street and The Horsfall present:

The Future is Ours ! 

Celebrating Young People’s Creativity, Voice & Action in 2020

16 – 26 November 2020 in Manchester and Online.

For more information follow @TheHorsfall on Twitter


Sale Sharks Advantage Programme.

Advantage is a 16-18 years old Education Programme for those who may not have had the best school experience, are unsure what to do after their GCSE’s and those who need a helping hand in finding their next step.

For further information please visit our website Sale Sharks Advantage  or Email for all enquiries


Tools & Resources for Practitoners

Young carers need us now more than ever - if you work with young people then it is very likely that you work with young carers too!

We’re all responsible for ensuring young carers in Manchester know what their rights are; are providing a level of care that is appropriate; and that they’re not spending so much time caring for someone else that it impacts on school, having time to relax or seeing their mates.

To find out what you can do to help identify and support young carers please visit Help & Support Manchester, where you will find lots of helpful information, pathways to support,  tools and resources and our refreshed Young Carers Strategy 2020/23.


Skills for Life

Universal life skills are often overlooked, but as most of you would agree – they are just as important to success as any academic achievement.

Sadly, life skills are not measured through standardised tests or coursework – we know if they were, young carers would likely achieve A*grades.

Here at Manchester City Council, we are proud to support the Skills for Life initiative – helping young carers to gain formal recognition and rewards for their skills and achievements while providing new opportunities for self-development

Skills for Life promotes the use of a common language to promote five key skills and a commitment to increase opportunities for Manchester's children and young people to practice these skills.


The Skills

The foundation for Skills For Life is based upon research carried out by UK Youth Employment which reviewed 13 skill-based frameworks and 86 reports regarding young people, skills and employment.

This research identified that the top five universal skills are:

Problem solving 
Self-belief (Inc: motivation, resilience and positive attitude)
Self-management (Inc: initiative, organisation and accountability) 

Further information and a copy of the toolkit visit Skills for Life.


My Outsourced IT!

Welcome to the Computer in every home project. A free computer in every home that needs it, help in the community and supporting education with workshops & training.

We, as IT support specialists, come across a vast amount of hardware which when refurbished or updated, have plenty of life still in them.

These computers are offered to you free of charge, no cost involved whatsoever but we only ask that you request one if you need one. They are for children who need one for school work or adults and families to experience the world of IT

For further information please visit My Outsourced IT


Discount Card for Young Carers
Did you know that here at Manchester City Council we have a Participation Register for Young Carers?
By signing up you'll be entitled to a Vectis Discount Card. You'll be able to get discounts on top brands and independent stores and services. 

Once you've registered, we'll post your card out to you - find out how to apply at HSM



Article Posted: November 9, 2020

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