A little bit of fun - with competitive spirit!

At the end of an action-packed KS2 sports Day the time invariably came to have a little bit of fun at the end in the form of our teachers race.

This years line-up included Mrs Arrevillagas , whose planning and organisation was responsible for the  the newly revamped sports days, Ms Corlett, Mr Vaughan, Miss Keats and Miss Hobson, and as they all took their places in the line the spectators' anticipation grew.

Amidst cheers, laughter and applause, all in equal measure, the runners set off in the spirit of fun, looked around, noticed the slightly serious sporting edge to some performances and then ran like mad to get to the end first!

Winner of the race was Mr Vaughan but the fun, resilience and team spirit of the children were the real winners of the day.

Well done everyone!


Article Posted: July 16, 2019

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