Life in lockdown

We would like to thank our parents and children for the support that you have given to school during the lockdown and for taking part in our remote learning and replying to the teachers daily emails and messages. Thank you to those children who took part in our competitions and challenges too, we hope you found them to be as much fun as we did,

As you all know life in lockdown has changed lots of things for us all over the last few weeks, and although school has been open, even through holidays, for the children of key-workers and those who need some extra support, we have not been open for all of our children. 

Staff have seen some of you as they delivered books, prizes, packed lunches and vouchers to families and that has been great as we have missed you all, but today we start to move forward and are very happy to welcome back Pod 1 of our Year 6 children, with Pod 2 due to come in on Thursday of this week.  Our Year 1 and Reception pods are due to start back during the week commencing 8th June with Nursery pods due to come back the week commencing  15th June, however, we will not be bringing any year groups back until we are certain all of our systems in place are safe and effective and will work for the next group to come in as well. .

There have been some changes to start and finish times and to our classrooms and school site, both inside and out, because we have been working very hard to make sure that we keep our children, families and staff as safe as we can. One of these changes will be our staggered start and finish times to ensure that we can enforce social distancing as much as possible.

The staggered start and finish times will be:

Start: Y6: 8.30 Y6: 8.45
Finish: Y6 2.30 Y6: 2.45

Start Y1: 9am finish: 3pm

Reception: 9.15 finish 3.15

Nursery 9.30 finish 3.30

For those children who are not returning at the present time we will continue to send out our daily emails and remote learning information and there are lots of resources available on our website if children or parents are looking for more ideas of what to do, we also have some links to advice and information for parents during these difficult times.

Home learning and fun at home resources

Help and support during Covid-19

Forest school - indoor and outdoor fun

SEND ideas,  resources and activities


You can find lots more information on our website and on our school blogs - just take a look around to find out more

Article Posted: June 3, 2020

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