Jump Rope for Heart

Whole School Sponsored Skipping Day

This week all of our children took part in a sponsored skipping day in aid of the ’ Jump Rope for Heart’ appeal.

The children had a great day and excitedly tried their best to raise some money for this very worthy cause.


Over the last couple of weeks designated skipping zones have been in place int he playgrounds to allow children the opportunity to practice for the big day and even those children with co-ordination difficulties had a turn at skipping and innovative ways were found to help every child to be able to skip. Because of the huge amount of positivity from the children the skipping zones will now be extended so that children can continue to skip for fun.

Thank you to all those people who sponsored a child and we will inform parents on the newsletter how much was raised when we have received back all the sponsorship money.

Article Posted: March 17, 2017

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