Important information for children travelling to school on public transport

Important information on your child's travel to school


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, how we travel around Greater Manchester has changed. Please plan ahead and follow the latest travel guidance to help keep everyone safe.


If you can, please consider whether your child can walk or cycle to school. Nearly 75% of primary and half of secondary schoolchildren in the UK live within 2km of their school. In response to the pandemic, Greater Manchester’s councils have put in place new walking and cycling routes as part of the #SafeStreetsSafeLives project to make these journeys safer.


If your child needs to use public transport, please be aware that space may be limited and timetables may have changed, so plan your child's journey in advance. To help boost capacity, TfGM’s Yellow School Buses will operate as regular school services, which means any schoolchild will be able to use them. They will still need to carry an igo card to pay child fares.


In line with Government guidance, social distancing regulations will not apply on dedicated school bus services, so Yellow School Buses will operate at normal capacity. However, social distancing will apply on the public bus network and space will be limited. Students using these buses should allow more time than usual.


Pupils using public transport will also need to follow safe travel guidance and take responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe. They should:

Wear a face covering on-board and in stations and interchanges, unless they’re under 11 or are exempt for another reason.

Keep their distance from other passengers where possible.

Clean their hands regularly and carry hand sanitiser with them.

Use contactless payment or exact change only on buses if they can.


Your child must not board public transport if they, or a member of the household, has symptoms of coronavirus. If your child develops symptoms while at school or college, the school will contact you and they must return home. They should not travel home on public transport.


For the latest information and advice on school transport, including new school bus timetables for the 2020-21 academic year, please visit our Back to school webpage.


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Article Posted: August 24, 2020

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