'The Great Big Art Exhibition'

As a school , we are all taking part in the 'Great Big Art Exhibition'

This year the exhibition will be based around animals and we want all our children to make a model or a piece of art work based on animals to showcase in their window at home. 

We will give you this week to plan and next week to create your art and send a photo in! Lots and lots of schools in Manchester will be doing this so look out for animals in windows near you.
See your class emails for some examples to inspire you , but one idea could be to choose your favourite Australian animal and create it using the aboriginal art effects we practised (ks1).

We are Barlow Hall... we are great at thinking outside of the box! Lets see how creative you can be! 

We will be putting together a video to celebrate yet another Barlow Hall Big project. 


For further information on 'The Great Art Exhibition' please click the links below:


https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2021-01-28/coronavirus-people-asked-to-put-animal-artwork-in-windows-for-largest-ever-art-exhibition        (for grown ups)

Article Posted: February 2, 2021

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