Gift of Books

We have once again received a large donation of books from Cartridge Safes's GIFT OF BOOKS appeal 

Cartridge Safe teamed up with the National Literacy Trust to launch ‘Gift of Books”, a unique campaign in Greater Manchester whose aim is to achieve one objective: reducing book poverty for the region’s most disadvantaged children.

National Literacy Trust research has found that 40,000 school children in Greater Manchester don’t own a single book at home. Children’s books are a pivotal part of growing up and the company wanted to help local children fall in love with reading.

The “Gift of Books” campaign calls for people to donate a favourite childhood book – complete with this printed note explaining why you want to share it with others. The books are then gifted to  children in Greater Manchester who have few or no books of their own.00

Thank you to Cartridge Safe and local coordinator Tom Crewson and their team for the fantastic delivery of books we have received.


Article Posted: September 27, 2018

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