Free school Meals

If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals but have not put in a claim via Manchester City Council please see the information below. Claiming is easy to do and needs only your national insurance number, your date or birth and your child's details. Entitlement notification  is often immediate, but if a decision is not available straight away the council will tell you if and when you are added to the list and you can let school know.

Free school meal entitlement will mean that school will be able to provide you with a packed lunch throughout the Corona virus crisis so long as we remain open to our reduced provision children. You will just need to email us by 9 am at or phone school on 0161 881 2158 if you would like to order a packed lunch. Lunches will be available to collect on the bench outside the office door at 11 am.

Please click here to make a claim for free school meals

Please see the Manchester City Council Free School Meal information below for further information and details of how to claim.

If your child qualifies and their school is in Manchester, you can 

Apply for free school meals

You'll need to contact the school yourself if it isn't listed.

If your child's school is outside Manchester, their free school meals will be dealt with by the local authority the school is in. Go to the GOV.UK website and enter the postcode of the school your child attends to find out how to get them.

Which children qualify for them?

Your child may qualify if you have any of these incomes:

 Income Support
 income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
 income-related Employment and Support Allowance
 the guaranteed part of Pension Credit
 Child Tax Credit (as long as your annual gross income is £16,190 or less and  you don’t get Working Tax Credit)
 Working Tax Credit run-off after you come off Working Tax Credit
 Universal Credit that you applied for on, or after, 1 April 2018. As long as your household income is less than £7,400 a year after tax, not including any benefits

Children who receive these benefits themselves instead of through a parent or guardian, can also qualify for free school meals.

Your child may qualify if you are an asylum seeker.

Children who are younger than the compulsory age for starting school but in full-time education, can also get free school meals.

How long can they get free school meals for?

Children who are eligible for free school meals now will be eligible for them until either:

they finish school; or

if on 31 March 2022 they are still in school, until they finish the phase of schooling they are in (primary or secondary) –

Please click here to make a claim for free school meals

Article Posted: March 24, 2020

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