Environment Summit at Barlow Hall

On Wednesday 10th July, Barlow Hall held our very first Environmental Summit, to celebrate the work we have been doing this term on Making a Difference. Children in years 3 to 6 presented their work to our guests, focussing particularly on issues facing our planet today and ways in which we can all work together to make a difference. What an afternoon it was! That very morning Manchester City Council had declared a climate emergency, which emphasised how important this area of learning truly is for our children.

Our guests, including many parents and three local councillors, Dave Rawson, Mandy Shilton-Goodwin and Joanna Midgeley, who had come directly from the council meeting that morning, arrived to listen to the opening speeches. Ms Kennedy welcomed our visitors and talked about the passion felt by our pupils towards this topic. Aymen and Flynn, two of our Year 6 children, delivered speeches of their own, detailing the extensive work that had been covered by our pupils. Our guests then had the opportunity to explore the summit and hear what the children had to say about each of the issues, including Deforestation, Endangered Animals, Protecting Our Oceans, Air Pollution, Climate Change and the Ozone Layer. With such a variety of work on display, guests could read leaflets, poetry and posters as well as hear podcasts and powerpoint presentations. Also on display were pieces of lenticulated artwork, showing our planet from different perspectives.

It was clear to all of our visitors that the pupils of Barlow Hall care passionately about our environment and are keen to make a difference where they can. It was truly a positive afternoon, as noted by one of our councillors who said they were quite simple 'blown away' by the children's passion and knowledge. Well done Barlow Hall.

Article Posted: July 15, 2019

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