The Curly Hair Project

The Curly hair Project (CHP) is an award-winning social enterprise founded by autistic author and entrepreneur Alis Rowe.  Alis has now written over 20 books, has spoken on several radio shows, including BBC Radio 4, and her material is often recommended by GPs and other professionals to families and individuals who are being diagnosed with ASD.  Her material is often used within schools as it is very appealing to young people, accessible and full of practical information.

The Curly Hair Project aims to help those with autism learn to understand themselves and their needs and ultimately be able to self-manage with our work being largely about acceptance, understanding and empathy for different world experiences.  The material is ideal for those working in education who want to learn more about autism and how to manage their autistic learners in a more empathic way.  It will help with developing strategies to reduce anxiety in children and young people and enable them to manage their own day to day wellbeing in the best ways possible.

In these past few years, Alis’ work has diversified to include a UK wide network of training and webinars (for those who don’t want to leave home) on all aspects of autism (information can be found via This training is written by Alis and delivered by parents of autistic children thereby providing real lived experience. We are excited to reveal that we have a new series of Autism Learning Days and Mental Health Days which are being launched in the autumn and we will be bringing this new work of Alis Rowe to Manchester for the first time. We have put together several days where parents and professionals can learn more about autism together, from those who know what it is like to live with this condition. 

The first Autism Learning day will be held on Saturday 13th October at the Castlefield Hotel in Central Manchester 10-4pm.  Please click view full details and to book tickets.  TICKET SALES WILL CLOSE ON FRIDAY 5TH OCTOBER.

Article Posted: October 4, 2018

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