Challenges Accepted!

Challenge 1 - Target Challenge!

Following on from the Barlow Hall Primary School's staff Dance Monkeys video, we decided it was time to call on our children to let them show us what they could do. After a bit of thought Mr Vaughan came up with the idea of a target challenge, where the children could design their own challenge and then demonstrate how it was done. A video showing examples of staff challenges was sent out to the children and they were asked to send back their own challenges so a compilation video could be made.

The children came up with some fantastic ideas and Mr Vaughan collated the following  Target Challenge video which can be seen by clicking here


Challenge 2 - Self-Portrait Challenge

Our second children;s challenge, once again proceeded by a demonstration video being sent out to the children, saw the children being asked to send in a self-portrait done in any artistic medium along with a picture of themselves. A video was once again compiled to showcase the amazing talents of the children and to allow them to guess who the face in the self-portrait belonged to. Once again we had some fantastic entries which can be found by clicking here.


Other videos available now:

Please click here to see the staff example self-portrait Challenge video

Please click here to see the Barlow Hall Staff's Dance Monkeys video


Article Posted: May 6, 2020

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