Barlow Hall Science Logo Competition

 This academic year, Barlow Hall will be focusing on the different types of enquiry within Science. The children will be learning what the five types are and, by year 6, should be deciding which type of enquiry is relevant to each investigation. We need your help to design the logos for each enquiry type, which will displayed within every classroom and help children across the school to remember what the five styles are. Each needs to be a different colour. Each child will be given an entry sheet to take home over the half-term holidays. The winning logos will be published and displayed around school. Science-based prizes are up for grabs. 

The five types of enquiry:


Identifying and Classifying

Pattern Seeking

Observation over Time

Fair Test

Entries will need to be handed to Miss Brien by Monday 7th January 2019. Year groups 1 – 6 can participate.

Article Posted: December 12, 2018

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