Barlow Hall Needs your Science Videos and Photos!

As part of The Great Science Share 2020, we will be making a collaborative video to broadcast all of the amazing science you have been doing. Your work will go on 'The Great Science Share' website on June 16th. There are prizes for schools and real scientists will look at the work we publish. See the criteria below and watch our example video by clicking here

1)Make a photo or short video of yourself answering a scientific question.

2) Say the question clearly within the video / make sure it is clear somewhere in the photo.

3) Link your science to ANY of the work we have been sending to you. It can be an investigation/model/ result of an enquiry etc. The more creative - the better!!

4) Send your science work to

5) The deadline is 10th June.

6)  Most importantly- have fun!




Article Posted: May 14, 2020

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