Athletics taking centre stage

Well done to our Year 5 and 6 athletics team who competed in the Central Sportshall Athletics Event at Loreto High School last night.

The children competed in javelin, seated throw, speed bounce and long jump field events and a number of different track events including a relay and a 6 lap paarluaf. 

The 'Paarluaf' literally it means “pair run”, and it is basically a relay which can be done with two or more people. The relay comprises of one of the team running while the others rest, before they get to go again.

Often a gentle jog is put in, between efforts, back to the changeover point, for the recovering athlete(s). If teams are evenly matched this can produce a competitive element into a training session and enhance events for younger and older runners alike.

We are currently waiting to hear if we have progressed through to the finals of the event where we would join the winning teams form the other Manchester areas, Good Luck everyone who took part!






Article Posted: November 27, 2018

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