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Years 5 and 6 have been working with Sustrans/Our Chorlton Streets since the last lockdown and also since being back in class. We started looking at active travel and reasons for cycling, walking and scooting to school when we were carrying out our remote learning. Since coming back to school, we got involved in the 'Walk to School Week', encouraging children to try and walk to school where possible. Back in class, we talked about the reasons for why we should walk, discussing health reasons as well as linking it to out current topic of 'making a Difference' and discussing air pollution and benefits for the environment.

We had visitors in school from Sustrans who started by talking to us about our journey to school and what we enjoyed/didn't enjoy and what we observed on our journeys. We also went outside to different parts of Darley Avenue and other smaller side streets close by to school to see how many pedestrians, cars, bikes, scooters and other vehicles we could spot. We discussed the level of noise pollution and how safe we felt at different parts. Back in school, we talked about how outside of school made us feel and how it could be made better. The design workshops we had following on from this, and after the successful temporary road closures of Darley Avenue, were really supportive for the children to think of road safety and design ideas for how Darley Avenue could be improved. The workshops enabled children to think of practical solutions, road signs, cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings etc as they worked in teams to show their design ideas on maps. The road closures brought children, teachers and parents/carers together and the atmosphere was fantastic, all at the same time of raising awareness for the safety on our streets.

The current topic of 'Making a Difference' is helping children to further their understanding of air pollution and on top of this, we are having a theatre performance on Tuesday 29th June which is called, 'Getting There' for Year 5/6 children. This performance is highlighting road safety awareness and active travel and is aimed at how children can travel in a safe and sustainable way to get to high school.


Article Posted: June 28, 2021

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