History & Geography Year 4

Year 4 Knowledge, skills and understanding in History

Chronological understanding

  • Can they plot recent history on a timeline using centuries?
  • Can they place periods of history on a timeline showing periods of time?
  • Can they use their mathematical skills to round up time differences into centuries and decades?

Knowledge and interpretation

  • Can they explain how events from the past has helped shape our lives?
  • Do they appreciate that wars have happened from a very long time ago and it is often associated with invasion, conquering or religious differences?
  • Do they know that people who lived in the past cooked and travelled differently and used different weapons from ours?
  • Do they recognise that the lives of wealthy people were very different from those of poor people?
  • Do they appreciate how items found belonging to the past are helping us to build up an accurate picture of how people lived in the past?

Historical enquiry

  • Can they research two versions of an event and say how they differ?
  • Can they research¬† what it was like for a child in a given period from the past and use photographs and illustrations to present their findings?
  • Can they give more than one reason to support an historical argument?
  • Can they communicate knowledge and understanding orally and in writing and offer points of view based upon what they have found out?

Year 4 Knowledge, skills and understanding in Geography

Geographical Enquiry

  • Can they carry out a survey to discover features of cities and villages?
  • Can they find the same place on a globe and in an atlas?
  • Can they label the same features on an aerial photograph as on a map?
  • Can they plan a journey to a place in England?
  • Can they accurately measure and collect information(e.g. rainfall, temperature, wind speed, noise levels etc.)?

Physical Geography

  • Can they describe the main features of a well-known city?
  • Can they describe the main features of a village?
  • Can they describe the main physical differences between cities and villages?
  • Can they use appropriate symbols to represent different physical features on a map?

Human Geography

  • Can they explain why people are attracted to live in cities?
  • Can they explain why people may choose to live in a village rather than a city?
  • Can they explain how a locality has changed over time with reference to human features?
  • Can they find different views about an environmental issue? What is their view?
  • Can they suggest different ways that a locality could be changed and improved?

Geographical Knowledge

  • Can they locate the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn?
  • Do they know the difference between the British Isles, Great Britain and UK?
  • Do they know the countries that make up the European Union?
  • Can they name up to six cities in¬† the UK and locate them on a map?
  • Can they locate and name some of main islands that surround the UK?
  • Can they name the areas of origin of the main ethnic groups in the UK & in their school?

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