History & Geography Year 1

Expectations and Key Features of the curriculum for History and Geography Year 1


Human Geography

  • People who live in hot and cold countries
  • How the seasons and weather affect people

Physical Geography

  • Features of hot and cold places
  • Seasonal change
  • Weather

In Geography a Year 1 child can:

  • I  can keep a weather chart and answer questions about the weather.
  • I can explain where I live and tell someone my address.
  • I can explain some of the main things that are in hot and cold places.
  • I can explain the clothes that I would wear in hot and cold places.
  • I can explain how the weather changes throughout the year and name the seasons.
  • I can name the four countries in the United Kingdom and locate them on a map.
  • I can name some of the main towns and cities in the United Kingdom.


  • Changes within living memory: When parents were young
  • Significant people from history
  • Local history

In History a Year 1 child can:

  • I can use words and phrases like: old, new and a long time ago.
  • I can recognise that some objects belonged to the past.
  • I can explain how I have changed since I was born.
  • I can explain how some people have helped us to have better lives.
  • I can ask and answer questions about old and new objects.
  • I can spot old and new things in a picture.
  • I can explain what an object from the past might have been used for


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