Design Technology

Shaping our DT curriculum:

We follow the National Curriculum which enables us to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world. Our aim is for our children to use skills fluently where they are evident in the process of design, make, and evaluate and in the final product. These skills will be applied in different contexts.

We build subject knowledge and enable our children to know about great designers, past and present.

We use concepts to give meaning to our mathematics.

In all subjects at Barlow Hall we use six Thinking Concepts:

Continuity and Change over Time
Similarities and Differences
Analysing and Interpreting
Cause and Effect

Our DT subject concepts are:

Technical knowledge

Our DT skills:

Developing, planning and communicating ideas
Working with tools, equipment, materials and components to make quality products
Understand and apply the principle of nutrition and learn how to cook.

Our curriculum is designed so children are taught the knowledge then use their knowledge. We build knowledge from one year to another, moving from a basic understanding to an advanced model where understanding is applied to fluency and then a deep and automatic understanding. In our lessons we build on prior knowledge and link back and forwards to embed our knowledge. We return to key concepts so that are children know more and remember more.