Assessment for learning

Assessment for Learning

Assessing to plan the next steps for learning is one of the most crucial aspects of the work we do in school. It involves everyone at school, parents, children, staff at school and commissioned specialists. Feedback is one of the most cost effective and high impact activities that children, parents and teachers do.

What is it?

  • Making daily observations of what children say and do.
  • Intervention by children and teachers at the point of learning to lift learning to the next level.
  • Marking and assessment children’s learning, giving regular feedback to learners and parents.
  • Talking to and questioning learners, involving children in assessing their own learning and the learning of other children.
  • Responding to children’s by stating what they have done well and providing next steps.
  • Sampling children’s work to see what they are able to consistently do well.
  • Summative assessments or tests to capture a ‘snapshot’ of the child’s independent work.
  • Children are instrumental in assessing where their learning needs to go next.

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