Year 3


Year 3



Alison Brien - Assistant Head LKS1/ Class Teacher

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (TA) - Joanne Leah


Curriculum Overview - Autumn 2



Our whole school topic this half term is Our Home. In Year 3, we will be looking at Chorlton and the surrounding area. Your child will look at naming the different physical and human features of Chorlton such as: field, road, traffic,  bridge , restaurant etc. They will be making comments about what they like and dislike about where they live/ go to school.



We will complete our work in English through different texts. Firstly, they will learn English through the well-loved, Ginger Bread Man. This half term, your child will be continuing to name and use 26+ phonetical sounds. They will be continuing to learn to sound out all cvc words such as cat, dog, pat. They will be continuing to learn to read year 1 and 2 high frequency words such as : said, is, now, the , people, don’t. The aim of autumn 2 for your child is to independently write simple sentences with correctly formed letters, written on the line.



Your child will:

Continue to learn to form all of their numbers, correctly.

To subtract, to 10, accurately, using their own chosen strategies.

To add numbers up to 15 using mental strategies and holding the largest number in their head.

They will become familiar with the 10s and 2s pattern of multiplication.

They will share quantities into equal groups.



Year 3 will be completing the Science unit, Animals including Humans this half term. Your child will be learning about Marie Curie by ordering the events in her life. They will match this with a verbal sentence.

Your child will explore magnets and talk about the ‘pull’ and ‘push’ of a range of forces.

Your child will test if some magnets are more magnetic through a range of practical investigations.

Your child will investigate friction and make simple comments about the patterns they notice when using a car and ramp on different surfaces.


Other Curriculum Areas

RE – How do people from religious and non-religious communities celebrate key festivals?

          Your child will talk about their own religion or community. They will talk about what is different to what some Christians do.  

DT – Designing and Building Castles

Music – Charanga unit

PE – Games (Wednesday) Swimming (Friday) Daily Mile

PSHCE –  See School Website for More Information

Computing – Your child will continue to write their name and write simple sentences using a keyboard. They will aim to copy and paste a picture by the end of Autumn 2.


*Handwriting lessons and spellings lessons will continue throughout all subjects.


Overview of Empowering Learning



Organise themselves and work out goals and priorities
Show personal responsibility, initiative, creativity and enterprise
Anticipate, take and manage risks
Commit themselves to learning and self-improvement                                                                                                                                                                                                        Respond positively to change 

Effective Participator

Engage actively with issues that affect them and those around them.
Play a full part in the life of the school
Take responsible action to bring improvement for others as well as themselves
Discuss issues of concern, seeking resolution
Present a persuasive case for action
Propose practical ways forward
Try to influence others, negotiating and balancing diverse views

Resourceful Thinker

Think creatively by generating and exploring relevant ideas, and making original connections
Find links and see relationships
Explore & experiment with resources and materials
Ask ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what if’ questions
Apply imaginative thinking to solve a problem
Try different ways to tackle a problem                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Work with others to find imaginative solutions and outcomes that are of value

Reflective  Learner

Evaluate their strengths and limitations as learners
Review their work and act on outcomes
Set themselves realistic goals and criteria for success
Monitor their own performance and progress
Invite feedback and deal positively with praise, setbacks & criticism.
Make changes to improve their learning
Communicate their learning in relevant ways to different audiences

Independent Enquirer

Gather, process and evaluate information in their investigations
Plan what to do and how to go about it
Draw conclusions and evaluate outcomes
Take informed and well-reasoned decisions, recognising that other have different beliefs and attitudes                                                                  Use range of techniques to collect and organise information

Team Worker

Work confidently with others, adapting to different contexts and taking responsibility for their own role
Listen and take account of others’ views
Form collaborative relationships, resolving issues and reaching agreed outcomes
Adapt behaviours to suit different roles and situations
Show fairness and consideration towards others


Important Dates

Monday 30th October : Return to school

WC 13th November: World Children’s Day celebrations and Learning

WC 13th November : Field Work Chorlton Local Walk

WC 20th November : Field Work Chorlton Water Park

WC 11th December: Proposed Christmas Activities including Festive Sing-Along

Thursday 21st December: Finish for Term Break 



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