Barlow Bears

How we learn at Barlow Bears

Our children will learn through fun play activities, which will be carefully planned to take into consideration children’s abilities, needs and most importantly what they are interested in. They will be encouraged to join in all the activities, to be independent and to make choices.

We offer a rich and varied play curriculum in a safe and inviting environment. We understand that children develop at their own pace, but with encouragement and opportunity will reach their full potential. Children learn best when they are happy, safe and secure. The Barlow Bears team is there to guide and teach and will get to know you and your child well during their time here.

Our environment indoors and outdoors is planned to enable children the opportunity to extend and develop their play skills, physical skills and language and learning across all areas of the curriculum. We respond to the children’s interests – if you notice a particular activity has been out for a long time it may mean that the children are enjoying it and there is a lot of learning happening.

Barlow Bears ethos

  • To provide fun, stimulating, play experiences where children can develop and thrive in a safe and nurturing learning environment.
  • To develop close relationships with our parents and carers in order to support families and children in our local community.
  • To work closely with local partners such as Sure Start, Health Visitors, Speech and Language development workers in order to provide the best start to our children’s education, nurture and welfare.
  • To support parents and children to become school ready by gradual transition to Nursery and being part of the Barlow Hall Primary school family.