Vision and Values

Within our Trust each school has its own unique identity and this diversity is celebrated and encouraged. We all share the same set of values, vision for the future and mission. Schools share the same underlying principles, it is the reason for our continued success.


Our mission

We provide an inspirational experience that develops imaginative learners who take ownership of their learning, are proud of their achievements, and are prepared for a life in modern Britain.



Our vision

  • Learning together
  • Inspiring each other
  • Nurturing and valuing
  • Knowledge that builds futures



Our values are embedded through every layer of governance and drive everything we do.

  • Child centric - children are our raison d’etre.
  • Collaborative - we learn with and from each other.
  • Creative - we are innovative and forward thinking.
  • Responsive - we serve the needs of our communities.
  • Passionate - about improving children’s life chances.
  • Inclusive - we celebrate diversity and challenge prejudice and ignorance.
  • Relentless - we are progress orientated, no child left behind.
  • Excellence - we are driven by purpose - the pursuit of school improvement.
  • Positive - we challenge fixed mindsets and promote growth mindsets.


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