Pupil Voice

Listening to our children

We have an annual calendar of pupil voice activities that take place across the whole school year. We want to know what our children are telling us, we are committed to ensuring they are listened to and are an integral part of improving our school. As part of our monitoring programme we always include pupil voice activities. Recent activities have included: lunchtime surveys, surveys of the teaching of reading, mental maths, children’s behaviour in classrooms, how safe children feel and so on. The children’s views are collected in a variety of creative ways. As well as questionnaires, we have tea parties for focus groups, children will photograph or map where they feel safe and where they don’t. These are just some of the ways we try to capture, accurately, our children’s views and opinions.

Following our spelling and phonic teaching children said:

“Our  learning was ‘just right’ but two children  said that sometimes it was ‘hard’.”

When asked why it was hard, one responded ‘ because our teacher likes to challenge us.’

“We  really enjoyed the ‘fast learning’ it was  lots of fun. “

“Our  teachers help us and correct us  when we need it.”

Following our reading teaching children said:

 “I like spending time reading with my teacher.”

“I like the books that Miss chooses.”

“It helps me to learn new words.” 

“I like working in my group.”

“It helps me know how to read and I love reading now.”

“When you are half way through an exciting longer book, you just want to finish it!”

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