Our Staff Team

Barlow Hall Staff Team 

We have a great staff team who work hard, in different roles across the school. We are committed to driving our school’s improvement ensuring that all our children are safe, happy and achieve. 

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Jayne Kennedy     Headteacher
Jennifer Holden Deputy Headteacher
Jennifer Roche-Newton Reading Recovery Teacher
Louisa Rees SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
Becky Roberts Specialist Maths Teacher Year 1 - 4 (currently on maternity leave)
Evonne Williams Assistant Head EYFS/Teaches in Barlow Bears/Nursery/Reception
Corinne Ford Nursery Teacher and Every Child  Counts programme (1-1 Maths intervention )
Carol Reece Nursery Teacher
Simon George                   Reception Teacher
Michelle Johnson Year 1 Teacher
Nicola Arrevillagas Year 2 Teacher
Sophie Kay KS1 Assistant Head/ Year 1/2 teacher
Asha Matthews                Year 4 teacher
Alice Corlett     Assistant Head LKS2 / Year 3/4 teacher
Alex Vaughan   Year 5 teacher
Alison Brien                  Year 5/6 teacher (currently on maternity leave)
Emma Hughes Year 5/6 Teacher
Sonia Peacock Assistant Head UKS2/ Year 5/6 Teacher
Fiona Botterill Reading Recovery Teacher Leader
Claire Law Artist -in- Residence


Teaching assistants and learning mentors  
Les Murray Learning Mentor
Debbie Jackson                   Senior Learning Mentor
Susan Dowd Learning Mentor/SEN TA
Sharon Drinkwater Parent Support Advisor
Michelle Flynn EYFS HLTA (Teaching Assistant)
Dawn Redgate EYFS Educator
Ellie Sharrock EYFS TA
Ellie McEwan EYFS TA
Teresa Hibbert EYFS HLTA
Louise Boland KS1 HLTA (Currently on maternity leave)
Caroline Webb KS1 HLTA
Jo Leah LKS2 HLTA 
Nathaniel McCartney  SEN TA
Mario Guttadauro UKS2 TA
Tilly Muca KS2 TA      
Narjes Hadjam Whole school EAL (English as an Additional Language) TA
Sam Barber SEN TA
Caroline Gee SEN TA/ Lunchtime Organiser


Stuart Stoneman Business and Building Manager
Tracey Leishman Admin Manager
Nicholas Thornley Site Assistant


Lunchtime organisers   
Angela Bethell Lunchtime Organiser
Carol Knott Lunchtime Organiser
Sue Gray Lunchtime Organiser
Jackie Shepherd Lunchtime Organiser/Caretaker
Joanne Cadwell​ Lunchtime Organiser
Anita Syed​ Lunchtime Organiser
Hannah Brown Lunchtime Organiser
Sadaf Kamal​ Lunchtime Organiser
Michelle Knott Lunchtime Organiser
Tahmena Zaman Lunchtime Organiser

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