Our School Improvement Priorities

Barlow Hall Primary School

 ‘LINK Learning Trust' (LLT)

School Improvement Priorities 2017/18





Section 1

Outcomes for Pupils

To raise the attainment and achievement of all pupils


Priority 1

 Increase the number of pupils who are reaching higher levels in reading, writing and maths.

Priority 2

 Increase the number of children achieving expected levels in writing by focusing on spelling, sentence construction and punctuation.

Priority 3:

Progress is at least in line with national expectations with children making good progress from their starting points.

Priority 4:

Develop children’s language and oracy and link this to better outcomes in writing.



Section 2

Effectiveness of Leadership and management

Ensure that we have a culture and high expectations that enable our children and staff excel.


Priority 1:

 As a Teaching School, deliver a project for High schools  to  develop quality transition partnerships to improve KS3 reading standards and engagement.

Priority 2:

Develop and grow sessional care for our Barlow Bears, for two year olds ensuring that all statutory duties are met.

Priority 3:

To develop new Academy councils to support the Link Learing Trust Board’s vision and strategy for the Multi Academy Trust.

Priority 4:

Develop subject leaders  skills to enable them to  articulate their own educational vision and use this to inform curriculum design, subject enrichment and subject-level interventions designed to raise achievement.

Priority 5  :

 Develop Pupil Leadership groups to further develop the independence of children and contribution to the life and culture of the school.


Section 3:

Quality of teaching, learning & assessment

Using assessment information and a secure understanding of the age group, teachers will have consistently high expectations of all children


Priority 1:

Development of a whole consistent school policy on times tables including age related requirements, resources, teaching and assessment requirements.

Priority 2:

Ensure that children apply maths skills across the curriculum enabling them to prepare for being an economically active adult.

Priority 3

Coaching and Mentoring will be used as a tool to support professional development of staff  to ensure that children’s achievement is at the heart of all lessons in all subjects

Priority 4

 Identify interventions that are effective in supporting  parental involvement, particularly those parents who are either not significantly involved in their children’s education or who are not involved at all.  By developing in  3 areas:

- School – home links.

- Support and training for parents.

- Family and community based interventions.


Section 4

Personal Development, behaviour and welfare

To promote good behaviour, safety and personal development and develop growth mindset way of working.


Priority 1:

Introduce a whole school policy on zones of regulation to teach skills of self-regulation in a way children can connect to and apply the concepts in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Priority 2: 

Reduce absence to 3.5%

Reduce PA to 4%.

Priority 3:

Embed empowering learning skills so that children can talk about their own strengths and target areas in a meaningful way.


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