Reading Workshop to inspire parents

Reception Class parents were today invited to attend  a Reading Workshop run by Mr George, Ms Williams and Ms Roche. The workshop, which focussed on giving parents some new skills and strategies to help their children to move forward with their reading, was well attended and parents found it very useful and inspiring.


Some of the feedback on what the parents found helpful included:  

I will make sure I sequence different objects to secure direction and matching

It helped me understand strategies for reading on this level and how to incorporate them into reading at home. I will use a cut up sentence to help support the return sweep.

I will use the stickers and paint to help my child match his words to the sentence.

Always so useful for top up on how to support reading at home. I will do a turn pages’ race at home, use the objects in a row and cut up the sentences to help them.

I will make sure I say ‘get your mouth ready’ to help my child.

If you missed the session and want to find out more speak to Mr George or Ms Williams,.

Look out for more workshops coming up soon


Article Posted: January 29, 2018

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