Introducing Naomi Ogbeta - Team GB Triple Jump British champion

Unfortunately Ryan Owens has had to pull out of his sponsored event here at Barlow Hall due to his unpdated racing schedule, however, we are pleased to be able to announce that Team GB Triple Jump British champion, Naomi Ogbeta, will be joining us in his stead.

Currently attending Manchester University and training in, and running for, Trafford, Naomi is a great role model for aspiring athletes.

Naomi will present an inspirational 30 minute assembly to the whole school and then, after that each class will attend a 30 minute session with her which will involve a growth mindset discussion,and a question and answer session as well as  sponsored circuit training session, which will not only raise valuable funding for Team GB athletes but will also raise money for sports equipment for the children here at Barlow Hall. 

Click here to watch an interview with Naomi

Event photos to follow.

Article Posted: January 19, 2018

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