Academy Council

Barlow Hall Academy Council 

On the 1st April 2017 Barlow Hall Primary School joined with Brookburn Primary School in Chorlton to form LINK Learning Trust, a Multi-Academy Trust, (MAT), which allowed both schools to retain their unique identity and be governed by their own Academy Councils.

From the 1st April 2017 until 31st August 2017 Barlow Hall continued to be presided over by it's Governing Body.

On 1st September 2017 the Governing body was replaced by the Academy Council, with those members who wished to continue working with Barlow Hall moving across to the Academy Council, to be joined by other members whose skill set served to enhance the vision and achievements already made by the School.  

Our school’s Academy Council is a voluntary group of members who are responsible for the strategic direction of our school. Academy Council members are responsible for major decisions about the school and its future. The Head Teacher is responsible for the day to day running of the school.

The Academy Council is currently made up of 12 governors, three parent governors, one local authority governor and seven co-opted governors. Council Members serve a term of four years and will hold full meetings 3 times a year and a fourth, shorter, meeting around the time of staff pay reviews.


Our Core purpose:


1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;


2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational  performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff  


3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.



Leadership Improvement Priorities 2017/18:


1:  As a Teaching School, deliver a project for High schools  to  develop quality transition partnerships to improve KS3 reading standards and engagement. 


2: Develop and grow sessional care for our Barlow Bears, for two year olds ensuring that all statutory duties are met.


3: To develop new Academy councils to support the Link Learing Trust Board’s vision and strategy for the Multi Academy Trust.


4: Develop subject leaders  skills to enable them to  articulate their own educational vision and use this to inform curriculum design, subject enrichment and subject-level interventions designed to raise achievement.


5: Develop Pupil Leadership groups to further develop the independence of children and contribution to the life and culture of the school.



Academy Council Responsibilities


To oversee the financial performance of the school and ensure that value for money is secured.


To ensure that staffing and human resource policies are in place and effective.


To ensure that premises are safely managed.


To hold the headteacher to account for the performance of the school, providing appropriate challenge and  to ensure that policies for the curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment and pupil discipline are in place and effective




  • Jayne Kennedy (Head),
  • Cath York (Chair)
  • Teresa Regan (Deputy Chair)
  • Jen Holden. (Deputy Head)
  • Angela Young
  • Patricia Wood
  • Amina Duale,
  • Michael Cowell,
  • Philip Gay (Associate),
  •  Alex Vaughan
  • Jennie Thompson
  • Lucy Nicholls
  • Alison Knowlson


Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Lead Responsibility Committee Memberships Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interests Governor Roles in other Educational institutions Any material interests arising from relationships  (partners and close relatives
Co-opted Governors              
Cath York  1/9/17 31/08/21  Statutory Compliance Resources  None None  None



Patricia Wood


1/9/17 31/08/21 EYFS Lead Governor Curriculum and Standards Awaiting further information Awaiting further information Awaiting further information

Teresa Regan


1/9/17 31/8/21          

Alison Knowlson

1/9/17 31/8/21          
Staff Governors


Jayne Kennedy      N/A    N/A  Headteacher Curriculum and Standards; Resources Sign and Display None  None
Jen Holden 1/9/17 31/08/21  School Lead - Safeguarding Curriculum and Standards, Resources None None None
Alex Vaughan  1/9/17 31/80/21  Communications Curriculum and Standards; Resources P Z Cussons None  None
Parent Governors


Amina Duale  1/9/17 31/08/21  Governor Training Resources  None None  None


Jennie Thompson 1/9/17 31/08/21  Special Educational Needs and  Disabilities (SEND) with  attendance link. Curriculum and Standards  None None   None
Mike Cowell  1/9/17 31/08/21  Year 2 and Safeguarding,  including LAC Curriculum and Standards  None None   None


Lucy Nicholls 28/3/18            
Local Authority


Angela Young  1/9/17 31/08/21  Health and Safety - buildings and  site Resources  PWC None  None


Associate Governors    ( no voting rights)              
Phillip Gay  01 09 15 01/09/19  Pupil Leadership and Parent  Voice Curriculum and Standards St Clement's Parish Church Council.

Barlow Hall Neighbourhood Group

Chortlon and Didsbury foodbank

None  None


Governors who have served in the last 12 months and are no longer governors

Governor Date of Appointment End of Term of Office Governor Category Further Information 
Joan Fye 01/09/16 31/08/17 Co-opted Currently a Trustee of LINK Learning Trust
Trevor Matthews  01/10/16 31/08/17 Co-opted Currently a Trustee of LINK Learning Trust 
Angela Ruddock 01/09/14 31/08/17 Co-opted  




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